Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Penny Spencer

Penny Spencer 

Classic '60s/'70s dolly bird actress noticeable for her wide toothy smile, short miniskirts and mega-eyelashes. She's probably best remembered today for playing Sharon, the bombshell of 5C in 'Please Sir', causing John Alderton's Mr Hedges to loosen his collar on numerous occasions. Despite this, in 1971 she was replaced in the role by the perkier 'Carry On' actress Carol Hawkins, who was also in the movie version and later spin-off 'The Fenn Street Gang'. 
In 'Please Sir!' with Peter Cleal

'Count Down to Danger' (1967)
She seems to have retired from acting after the probably dispiriting experience of appearing (with old 'Please Sir!' chum Peter Cleal) in the smutty comedy 'Under the Doctor' (1976) and the dismal Mary Millington sex romp 'The Playbirds' (1978). Before that she had been seen in better stuff like 'Georgy Girl' (1966) and 'The Whisperers' (1967) with the mighty Avis Bunnage. She also starred as the resourceful Sue in the Children's Film Foundation's 'Count Down to Danger' (1967), a 'Screen Test' favourite. 

'The Whisperers' (1967)
The final straw? Stripping off for Glynn (Winchester Club) Edwards and
Gavin ('That's Life') Campbell in 'The Playbirds' (1978)
On TV, her role as Sharon overshadows fleeting appearances in 'Man in a Suitcase', 'UFO' and Derek Nimmo's 'All Gas and Gaiters'. As far as I can discover, she disappeared off the celebrity radar without a trace. I hope she is doing well.       

Penny Spencer - imdb


  1. is nt there something in the software
    that allows people to enter their e mail and get notif of future posts on the blog ?

  2. I saw Penny in a Sunday teatime magazine show circa 1990 where she appeared in a reunion with Liz Gebhardt, Peter Cleall, David Barry and Deryck Guyler.

    The actors weren't in the studio with the presenters but were shown in a filmed insert sitting in a classroom. The former pupils (I can't be doing with the American practice of calling schoolkids students!) were chatting when Deryck Guyler entered the room and said something like "Stand by your desks, 5C".

    I don't think the others knew Deryck was coming and he said he hadn't seen Penny in ages. I remember reading a newspaper article about Penny a year or two prior to this (oddly enough it was a Sunday paper IIRC) and it mentioned that she'd given up acting and was living a sort of hippy/commune lifestyle.

    1. I knew Penny back in the 80s at that time she was living in hullbridge essex.a lovely perwon

    2. I knew Penny back in the 80s at that time she was living in hullbridge essex.a lovely perwon

    3. hahaha....i mean a "lovely person"..and I only meant it once Or you could say "so nice it posted twice"..

    4. I too knew Penny in the 80's.
      She was having a tough time of it with substance abuse, as was I.
      She was a great girl.

  3. just wish she had stayed on in Please Sir...
    Penny and Carol Hawkins sat together in the front desk

    then she could have gone on to be in Fenn St Gang...
    then maybe the odd Cary On movie ....

    they let her down big time

  4. Penny was a far better "Sharon" than Carol Hawkins, IMHO.

    Sorry to hear that she got caught up in substance abuse.

  5. I remember how watching Please Sir was one of the highlights of my early teens.I agree, Penny was in my opinion, the Sharon that I preferred.Nothing against Carol at all.Just my own personal preference.I think we all wanted to believe, that we could be like 5C.Seems so innocent nowadays!

  6. Is she still alive I think I knew her as Sally.