Sunday 12 March 2017

Terence Sewards

Terence Sewards, actor

Terence Sewards: 

Here's an actor that hasn't been seen on our screens for for a while. According to imdb, his last appearance was as long ago as 1984. His petulantly boyish looks led to a series of roles of the edgier villain or unstable henchman type, perhaps something in the manner of a Ronald Lacey.      

As a hippy would-be assassin in 'The Persuaders'
His movie credits include 'Where The Bullets Fly' (1966), Hammer horror 'The Mummy's Shroud' (1967), with Oliver Reed and Orson Welles in Michael Winner's star-studded oddity 'I'll Never Forget What's-'Is-Name' (1967), watchable favourites 'Hannibal Brooks' (1969), 'The Man Who Haunted Himself' (1970), and cultish fun 'Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter (1974).  He's also in the grindingly feeble sex-comedy 'The Bawdy Adventures Of Tom Jones' (1976), surely marking a low point for a cast including Trevor Howard, Geraldine McEwan, Terry-Thomas, Murray Melvin, Arthur Lowe and Michael Bates, although Nicky Henson and Joan Collins seem more at home.                    

About to hit the floor after receiving a mortal injury from
'Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter' (1974)
Television appearances include some ever-popular '60s and '70s franchises: 'The Avengers', 'Hadleigh', 'The Persuaders', 'Warship', 'Z-Cars' and 'The Sweeney'. He's also in the acclaimed Dennis Potter BBC Wednesday, Play 'The Beast With Two Backs'. For some reason he seemed to fade away from our screens in the '80s, and although he was describing himself as an actor/writer to Companies House in 1995, there's not much in the way of internet clues as to his later work. Still, let's salute him here.   

Trying to impress upon gentleman thief Giles (Shane Briant) the
consequences of failing to repay his debts, in 'The Sweeney'

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