Monday 4 December 2023

Paul Chapman

British actor Paul Chapman

Paul Chapman:   

Tall and imposing with distinctively stern, almost Vulcan, eyebrows, it feels as if we've often seen Paul Chapman in the role of the antagonist in dramas and comedies stretching back to the 1960s. He's probably best remembered in several David Nobbs comedies, including 'A Fairly Secret Army' (as jaded mercenary Pegleg Pogson), 'A Bit Of A Do' and the rather less successful 'The Hello Goodbye Man'.   

An episode of 'Survivors' from 1975 

His officer's bearing saw him play a number of military types over the years - in 'Colditz', 'Wings', 'Warship' 'A Family At War' and others, including 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'.         

In the role of Suffolk in the BBC Shakespeare
production of  'The First Part of Henry VI'

As the villainous Harwell Mincing in 'Return of the Antelope'

In a similar vein there is his Roman soldier Clodius Maximus in the historical drama 'Eagle Of The Ninth' and Nazi officer in the 'True Patriot', a Play For Today with Michael York. Another highbrow success was the impressive theatrical-style staging of 'Henry VI' in the 1983 BBC Shakespeare production.  

In David Nobbs' popular comedy series 'A Bit of a Do'

At time of writing Paul Chapman is in his mid-80s, and in well-earned retirement, so a salute is due. 

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