Thursday 3 January 2013

Howard 'Lew' Lewis

Howard 'Lew' Lewis as Elmo in 'Brush Strokes'

Howard 'Lew' Lewis: 

† Aug 21 1941 – Jan 20 2018

Hefty, 6'3" London-born actor, pretty much specialising in gormless goons, whose longest-running role is probably as Elmo the barman in the '80s-'90s sitcom 'Brush Strokes'. He also played the dimwitted Blag in 'Chelmsford 123', and Rabies in the larky kids' series 'Maid Marian & Her Merry Men'. A stalwart of TV cop shows and comedies, he pops up in episodes of 'The Bill', 'Minder' and 'Widows' as often as 'Black Adder', 'Open All Hours', The Magnificent Evans' and he was also the memorable Uncle Idris in 'My Family'. 

His film career has largely been a string of bit-parts, albeit in some fairly big movies. For example 'Brazil' (1985), 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' (1991), 'Chaplin' (1992), 'Shadowlands' (1993). He has also been in some variably interesting low-budget British efforts including the comedy-gangster picture 'The Baby Juice Express' (2004), acclaimed b&w short 'Zoltan the Great' (2005), and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets League of Gentlemen-style UK horror, 'Small Town Folk' (2007).


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  1. Great actor cheers me up ever time I
    see him. Makes me laugh

  2. Lew lost a leg due to diabetes three years ago. Despite this set-back he is still in good spirits and still makes people laugh.

    1. Thanks for posting. Glad to hear he is coping well with that. Very best to him and if he's still up to working I hope he gets some offers of suitable roles.

  3. Howard died on 20th January 2018. Anna (wife)

  4. Howard died on 20th January 2018. Anna (wife)

  5. Very sorry indeed to hear that. Sincere condolences to you Anna and to all Howard's family and friends.