Wednesday 27 March 2013

Anna Dawson

Anna Dawson: 

Probably more of a song and dance turn than a straight actress, she made her name in West End musicals throughout the '50s and '60s, but she cornered the market in sassy, no-nonsense dames in TV comedy and variety for a good chunk of the '70s and '80s. You will have almost certainly forgotten seeing her in 'The Benny Hill Show', 'The Kenny Everett Show', 'The Morecambe & Wise Show', 'Larry Grayson', 'Bernie' (as in Winters), the excruciating 'Leslie Crowther Show', and (shudder) 'The Jim Davidson Show'.    

With Bill Fraser in the movie 'Love Thy Neighbour' (1973)

Acting parts encompass comedies of variable quality, from 'The New Statesman' and 'Smith & Jones' to 'Rings On Their Fingers', 'Robin's Nest' and kids' non-favourite 'Super Gran' (playing a character called Wendy Whiplash). A bonus role arrived in the '80s with a semi-regular turn in 'Keeping Up Appearances' as well-off sister Violet.    

In the jaw-droppingly awful 1977 variety special 'Hi Summer!'  
On Malcolm McDowell's lap in 'O Lucky Man! (1973)
Her film work has been more of the same. Dubious tie-ins and semi-saucy comedies: 'Love Thy Neighbour (1973), 'Stand Up Virgin Soldiers' (1977), 'The Sexplorer' (1976) and hitting the odd jackpot, see 'O Lucky Man!' (1973), and cult car-crash, see Kenny Everett's 'Bloodbath at the House of Death' (1984).  

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  1. kids' non-favourite 'Super Gran' - excellent turn of phrase

  2. I first noticed Anna in ITV's fairly dire revue show WHAT'S ON NEXT; research shows I was not the only lad smitten with her. She is fondly remembered as Captain Kremmen's sidekick Carla; I recall Kenny Everett telling Parky she was a 'fantastic chick', though she was well into her 40s.

  3. Its bewildering to see hatred directed at old TV shows in an age when quality no longer exists. Its like a bald-headed man sniggering at a man with a receding hairline.

    I agree about Anna though. An amazing, funny lady.

  4. Currently watching her on 3-2-1.....and she looks very 'Gilf-ish'

  5. Very agreeable actress, easing from drama to comedy effortlessly