Monday, 3 June 2013

Annette Badland

Annette Badland: 

Versatile alumna of the E15 drama school, she's been quite a success on the serious stage, and her combination of bulky presence and basilisk gaze have led to a career on TV playing shrewd farmer's wives, social workers, cooks and nurses. Memorable in the Eccleston/Piper-era 'Doctor Who' as Slitheen-in-disguise Margaret Blaine, she has endured a long period of bit-parts to get there. She was a regular in 'Bergerac' in the early '80s as Barney Crozier's formidable secretary, Charlotte, and stuck with the dire 'hairdresser drama' 'Cutting It' for its long run. She was also in the late-'90s series 'Holding On' which was considered quite cutting edge at the time. 

As Charlotte the secretary in 'Bergerac'

In 'Doctor Who'

Her other regular work seems to be in kids TV – not perhaps the best arena in which to break out of the bonds of typecasting: See 'The Queen's Nose', 'The Worst Witch', 'Wizards vs Aliens', 'The Sparticle Mystery', etc...   

As Sadie in 'Little Voice' (1998)

Movie work includes Michael Palin's intended, Griselda Fishfinger, in 'Jabberwocky (1977), '24:7' (1992), 'Little Voice (1998), 'Beuatiful People' (1999), the grim clubbing comedy 'Club Le Monde' (2002). She is also in the Johnny Depp 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory' (2005) playing… 'Jolly Woman'. Such is the lot of the character actor.   

Annette Badland - imdb profile

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