Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Madge Hindle

Madge Hindle:

A modern archetype of the frumpy Northern busybody, largely thanks to the Lancastrian actress's two longest-running roles: as Renee Roberts (Bradshaw as was) in 'Coronation Street' and as Hylda Baker's stooge Lily Tattersall in pickle sitcom 'Nearest and Dearest' with her mute, infirm husband Walter ('Has he been?') played by Eddie Malin.

As Lily in the film version of 'Nearest and Dearest' (1972)
Since poor Renee met her end in a car crash in 'Coronation Street' in 1980, Madge Hindle has appeared in a sprinkling of roles on TV, such as the modern melodrama 'The Rector's Wife', and better than average comedies 'All Quiet on the Preston Front' and the Gwen Taylor vehicle 'Barbara'.  

Renee Bradshaw weds Councillor Roberts in 'Coronation Street'

Trivia corner: Madge's daughter, Charlotte Hindle, was co-presenter of wacky 1980s Saturday morning schedule-filler 'Get Fresh', with Gaz Top and oozing alien puppet Gilbert. Gilbert was voiced by Phil Cornwell and made by 'Spitting Image' duo Fluck & Law. As part of the design, they recycled the lips from a discarded Ringo Starr puppet.   

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