Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Brian Grellis

Brian Grellis in 'The Good Life'

Brian Grellis:

A tall Northern actor with a distinctive, slightly crumpled face and often unruly hair, who pops up in quite a few small roles as coppers and servicemen, but making something of a speciality of the befuddled passer-by. You might recall him as the likeable, cricket-loving vegetable pilferer in 'The Good Life', or as the unfortunate stranger lured to Terry's surprise birthday party in 'Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?'.

In the WWII actioner 'Submarine X-1' (1968)
In the Tom Baker era Doctor Who adventure 'The Invisible Enemy'
A stalwart character actor, appearing in a number of stalwarts of British television: 'Minder', 'Z-Cars', 'Softly Softly', 'Bergerac', 'The Gentle Touch', etc. The chances are you've never particularly noticed him, but he's been there all the same. Some middle-brow dramas too, 'Anna Karenina', 'War and Peace' and 'A Tale of Two Cities'. His cult TV tally includes 'Doctor Who' (two stories from the Tom Baker era, one with Peter Davison), plus 'Jason King', 'The Frighteners' and 'Survivors'. 
Waiting for the big bang in the nuclear bomb drama 'Threads'  
Sightings on the big screen are mostly in the war and spy genres, and often uncredited: 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' (1969), the forgotten Len Deighton story 'Only When I Larf' (1968), and 'Submarine X-1' (1968), although he does get a speaking role in the latter. 
Get your hair cut... Working at the Ministry
in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' (1969). 
He doesn't seem to have done much since the late-'80s, but I trust he is alive and well.

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  1. OHMSS and The Likely Lads ! Two of my absolute favourites...

  2. I can confirm he is alive and well and living on the outskirts of London. Sadly not acting any more...

    1. Very pleased to hear that. Thanks for posting!

    2. Are you in touch with him? If so would you be prepared to pass a short message to him? If so my email is

  3. Does he reply to fanmail if I send it via Equity? Looking for an autograph from his Doctor Who appearances...

  4. Didn't know the name but recognised the face straight away.Shadows of the past...

  5. Hope you are well Brian. John Cockle ex-RAF Jurong

  6. Brian used to work with me as a driver (when resting) delivering Frozen Foods in SW14 in 1973. I think he was a dog-handler in his National Service. I came across a card on the net 10 years ago where he said he had bad arthritis and was no longer acting. 83 this year !