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Robin Driscoll

Robin Driscoll in 'The Tall Guy'

Robin Driscoll:

One of the eminences grises of the British comedy establishment, Robin Driscoll is a key part of the 'Mr Bean' franchise, which he co-writes, but he also turns up on-screen once in a while. He's occasionally seen in 'Bean' episodes, often uncredited, as a  'man in queue', 'patient in waiting room' or 'ticket collector', fulfilling the need for an expert foil for Atkinson's rubbery star turn.

A fare-dodging Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) attempts
the nonchalant approach on Robin Driscoll  
You might also remember him as one of 'The Fat Sweaty Coppers' - the piss-take of 'The Bill' on 'The Fast Show', which neatly recalled his rare starring role in the '80s police sitcom 'Mornin' Sarge' in which he played Ted, a fat sweaty copper of the old school. An earlier comedy series with many of the same cast members was the 1984 sci-fi spoof, 'They Came From Somewhere Else'. It's dated now, but behind the student politics, hair gel and clonky 'Comic Strip' satire, there's a lot that points the way towards the comedy of Simon Pegg and Co that was to follow. (You can watch it in all its murky VHS glory here.)      

In 'They Came From Somewhere Else'
In a 'Mornin Sarge' episode from 1989
His TV comedy connections have seen him pop up in a few small roles over the years, such as 'Alas Smith and Jones', 'Colin's Sandwich', 'Murder Most Horrid', 'The Smell of Reeves & Mortimer', and 'Chef', which seems to suggest that he's a fun bloke to have on set as well as a comedic craftsman.     

Robin Driscoll-imdb

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  1. Don't forget his most-viewed role - a guest turn in 'The Jolly Boys' Outing', many people's favourite Only Fools episode.