Friday 13 June 2014

Pauline Moran

Pauline Moran:

As far as I can ascertain, Pauline Moran is only now about to appear in her first big screen role, in Alan Rickman's period drama, 'A Little Chaos'. As well as directing, Rickman appears as Louis XIV and Kate Winslet plays Versailles landscape architect Madame Sabine De Barra. I don't know what part the most excellent Pauline Moran will play but, after a long career in television, it seems overdue.    

As the estimable Miss Lemon in an episode of 'Poirot'

Best known as Hercule Poirot's resourceful and efficient secretary, Miss Lemon, in 32 episodes of the long-running series of dramatisations starring David Suchet, she has given the part a lot more sassiness than Agatha Christie wrote into the rather severe and spinsterish character. Which isn't to say that there isn't a touch of severity about Ms Moran's attractive features. Her austere good looks have graced such roles as the memorable Cleopatra Berenike in the slightly hysterical 1983 BBC series 'The Cleopatras', while other famous actors made poor headway against the tide of comical costumes and novel video tricks.  

A first glimpse of 'The Lady In Black'
In the 1981 version of Ford Madox Ford's 'The Good Soldier'
She was cast as the disquieting spectre in the 1989 TV version of 'The Lady In Black', but also as the frail and vulnerable Maisie Maiden, deceived by the suave Jeremy Brett in the Edwardian period drama 'The Good Soldier'. Other appearances include 'Nicholas Nickleby' (the 1977 Nigel Havers one), DH Lawrence's 'The Trespasser',  and an episode of Jim Henson's 'The Storyteller' that saw her play the kindly queen to evil king Philip Jackson, later to be Poirot's Scotland Yard connection, Inspector Japp.      

A year before her Poirot debut, with Philip Jackson in 'The Storyteller' 
Trivia: In her early twenties she was the bass player in the all-girl rock group She Trinity (sometimes known in Europe as British Maid, or later, Gilded Cage), and nowadays she is also a professional astrologer. Get your own personal chart from her here.  

With all-girl rock group
 She Trinity in the late '60s.

Rebranded as Gilded Cage, as in 'I'm Only A Bird In A...' 

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