Friday 25 June 2021

Daniel Moynihan

Actor Daniel Moynihan

Daniel Moynihan:
 1932 - March 30, 2020

Gaunt London-born actor Daniel Moynihan has something of the look of a British Harry Dean Stanton, and his cool, quizzical gaze has appeared in TV and film since the late '50s. Those early years were something of a flurry of activity, with roles in a string of crime dramas and television plays leading into some of the most popular shows of the early '60s. These included 'The Plane Makers', 'The Avengers' (two appearances in the early b&w seasons), 'Z Cars', 'The Strange Report' and 'Special Branch'.      

In the 1963 'Avengers' episode 'The Man With Two Shadows'

By the '70s and '80s he was attracting castings for roles that made more of his gravitas and severe appearance, not to mention his assured and maturing acting abilities. He crops up in 'Wings', 'Lytton's Diary', 'Spy Trap', 'General Hospital', 'Prince Regent', as well as a memorable episode of 'Yes, Minister', and in the BBC adaptation of 'The Diary Of Anne Frank'. 

TV Times magazine entry for the early-'70s
ATV series 'Crime Of Passion'

In 'The Famous Five', as the typical Enid Blyton policeman, happy to
let sensible middle class children help him find a dangerous criminal. 

In the historical drama 'Elizabeth' (1998) 

In more recent times, Daniel Moynihan appeared but infrequently, although he did a fair few stints on 'The Bill' as  a doctor. He seems to have quietly retired from the profession, making his most recent TV appearance in 2000 housewife heist series 'Daylight Robbery'.

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