Friday 15 June 2012

Aimi MacDonald

Aimi MacDonald 'The Avengers'

Aimi MacDonald:

Chirruping, ditzy dolly, the self-parodying Betty Boop of swinging London. At one time she used to crop up all over TV, but is now only rarely seen. After becoming a national catchphrase in the pre-Python 'At Last The 1948 Show' ('Introducing the LOVELY Aimi MacDonald…') she swerved briefly between variety and acting, often appearing as herself in light entertainment shows and panel games, but occasionally playing a role in comedy or drama.

Aimi MacDonald in full-on variety show mode 

She was in some classic series, like 'The Avengers' and 'The Saint', but was more often on our screens dancing or being silly on 'Celebrity Squares', 'Sez Lez', 'Give Us A Clue', '3-2-1' or 'The Kenny Everett Television Programme'.

With Roger Moore in the feature length 'Vendetta for The Saint'
She was also very much associated with the 'pub entertainer' TV fad of the mid '60s appearing with camp comedian Ray Martine in 'Stars & Garters' and 'Down at The Old Bull & Bush'       

Ray Martine album camp comedian gay
Star of camp comedy, Ray Martine. Album cover.

And here she is, being lovely.

Aimi MacDonald - imdb profile

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