Monday, 25 June 2012

Bernard Holley

Bernard Holley: 
† Aug 9 1940 – Nov 22 2021

Here's another very familiar face - one of the stalwarts of British television - although perhaps he never quite had the spark of charisma or flashy acting chops to get to leading man status, despite his good looks and reassuring voice. His television appearances stretch back to the '60s and include 'Z Cars' and 'Doctor Who' ('Tomb Of The Cybermen' and 'Claws Of Axos'). He was also in 'Please Sir!' after John Alderton left in 1972, as well as 'The Tripods', 'Birds of a Feather','The Gentle Touch', 'A Touch of Frost', and lots of cops and nurses potboiler stuff like 'Casualty', 'The Bill', 'Doctors' and 'Holby City'.

In a late episode of 'Please Sir!'

His readings of the 'Johnny Briggs' stories on 
'Jackanory' helped sell many copies of the books  

I particularly remember him reading the Johnny Briggs stories on 'Jackanory' and was surprised to find that he wan't a northerner, but hails from Middlesex. (That's what we call acting, dear boy.)

In 'Elizabeth R', the acclaimed BBC historical
dram starring Glenda Jackson 

He's got a few clips up on his own YouTube channel, which is here. But I particularly like this one.

Bernard Holley - imdb profile

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