Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Peter Cleall

Peter Cleall:

Very recognisable face from the late '60s and early '70s when he had a run of roles as either surly or gruffly amenable Londoners, mostly in comedy. His most famous part was as the genial class bovver-boy, Eric Duffy, in 'Please Sir!' and its spin-off, 'The Fenn Street Gang', but he also crops up in smallish parts in a string of popular TV shows over the following years: 'Sykes', 'Are You Being Served', 'Spooner's Patch', 'Dempsey & Makepeace', 'Minder' ('90s variety), 'Silent Witness', and 'The Brittas Empire'. For some reason, though, his star waned (as evidenced by a handful of forgettable bit-parts in 'The Bill' over the years), and he doesn't seem to be doing much now. Which is a pity. If not quite another Bob Hoskins, I think he deserves his name to be better known. I bet most people think Duffy rather than Cleall when he appears.

In 'Confessions of a Pop Performer' (1976)

Still, here are a couple of gems for you:        

'Do The Clapham' From 'Confessions of A Pop Performer' (1976)

A second class return to Dottingham

Peter Cleall - imdb profile


  1. Peter lives on once more. The classic Tunes advert has been adapted for a reading campaign in Nottingham.

  2. I thought I read somewhere Peter runs an acting agency in Brighton.