Friday 8 June 2012

Peter Tilbury

Actor Peter Tilbury in 'It Takes a Worried Man'
As Philip Roath in 'It Takes a Worried Man'
Peter Tilbury: 

Distinctive saturnine character actor and something of a mystery man as far as his internet profile is concerned. He was the writer of 'It Takes A Worried Man' - in which he also starred as the put-upon Philip Roath - and also creator of the similar mildly-neurotic, middle-age sitcoms 'Shelley', and 'Sorry I'm A Stranger Here Myself'. His dialogue is quite distinctive, with a self-deprecating acidity that was in touch with the times - presumably how he came to write scripts for shows as wide-ranging as 'Birds Of A Feather', the Lenny Henry sitcom 'Chef' and an episode of 'Not Going Out'.  

Actor Peter Tilbury in 'It Takes a Worried Man'

As an actor, roles have been rather minor and well spread out. He was seen on TV in 'Dixon of Dock Green', 'C.A.T.S. Eyes', 'Miss Marple', and Stephen Fry's 'This Is David Lander', while his only film role seems to have been as a copper in the grim Hazel O'Connor vehicle 'Breaking Glass' (1980).  

Peter Tilbury - imdb profile


  1. I interviewed him one at his home. A really fascinating man.

    1. Just found It Takes A Worried Man on youtube. A minor masterpiece! I'd almost forgotten. Is there a transcript of the interview? Any more info? I think a lot of people would be extremely interested.

  2. He lived in Cardiff before he moved to London and was our next door neighbour. My mum is super keen to see him one more time .... our respective mums were good friends. Have failed to get in touch with him. Marco