Wednesday 18 April 2012

Damaris Hayman

Damaris Hayman in 'Doctor Who and the Daemons'

Damaris Hayman: 

† June 16 1929 – June 3 2021

The epitome of the eminently respectable horsey lady, Ms Hayman was cast strictly to type, having been born in Kensington and educated at Cheltenham Ladies' College. She was memorably eccentric in the classic Pertwee-era 'Doctor Who' story The Daemons, and had a number of appearances on TV, in 'The Sweeney', 'The Double Deckers', 'Wodehouse Playhouse' and, perhaps less predictably, 'The Young Ones' and 'Filthy Rich & Catflap'.

Damaris maintaining her dignity in 'On The Buses'
About to come a cropper during a seance in
''Full Circle' (aka 'The Hunting of Julia') (1977)
Film appearances include: 'Bunny Lake is Missing' (1965), 'The Pink Panther Strikes Again' (1976), Michael Palin's 'The Missionary' (1982), and the unlikely 'Confessions of a Driving Instructor' (1976). It might also be fun to spot some of her many uncredited extra appearances, such as in 'Greyfriars Bobby' (1961), The Belles of St Trinians' (1954), or the peculiar mystery movie 'Smokescreen' (1964) with Peter Vaughan.   

 'Smokescreen' (1964)
About to be run over by a piano in the Children's Film
Foundation classic, 'The Magnificent Six and a Half' (1968)

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  1. In Only Two Can Play she featured as one of the interviewers. Terrific, actually

  2. Has the great line "Excuse me, do you dig graves? " in The Young Ones

  3. Just watching Damaris on a Margaret Rutherford biography. A lovely, well spoken lady who had great tales to tell about MR and I’d love to hear about HER careeer

  4. About thirty years ago l lived next door to Damaris Hayman in Cheltenham. Unfortunately l had no idea that she knew so many wonderful actors.