Friday 27 April 2012

George Sweeney

George Sweeney:

Rather hoggish, wild-eyed actor who has played a lot of henchmen, petty criminals, tough coppers and psychopaths, and was memorable as Speed in 'Citizen Smith'. He's also been in 'Z-Cars', 'Softly Softly', and naturally, 'The Sweeney'. 

His film credits include 'For Your Eyes Only' (1981), 'The Bitch' (1979), Holmes spoof 'Without A Clue' (1988), and the bizarre Reg Varney vehicle 'The Best Pair Of Legs In The Business' (1974).

George Sweeney - imdb profile


  1. Should see a lot more of this man on telly. Btilliant actor.

  2. Just seen George Sweeney in "Best Legs In The Business" and he was great. I would agree the film was rather bizarre but an astonishing, almost surreal performance from Reg Varney. I love George Sweeney.

    1. I read once that George runs a central heating business somewhere in Hertfordshire.The Best Pair Of Legs In The Business.What to say about this rather oddball film except Diana Coupland looked great in this.Always had a crush on her since i was a kid