Tuesday 24 April 2012

Michael Jayston

Michael Jayston: 

† Oct 29 1935 – Feb 5 2024 

"Headache? Tense, nervous headache?"

Despite leading-man good looks and a rich speaking voice, he has tended to play supporting roles as suave villains, businessmen, bounders and decadent aristocrats. After a series of stage Shakespeare successes and a few starring roles in 'Quiller' and 'The Power Game', and as Rochester in 'Jane Eyre', he is now a staple of 'Emmerdale' and 'Holby City' and one of the most in-demand voice-over artists in the country. 

Michael Jayston - imdb profile

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  1. Shame casting directors didn't make more use of him. Probably best remembered now for the (initially) last episode of Only Fools, which certainly brought him his biggest audience with more than twenty four million viewers.