Wednesday 25 April 2012

Julian Holloway

Julian Holloway: 

A 'Carry-On' regular, of course, but a versatile actor - son of Stanley Holloway; and the father of Sophie Dahl - who also appears in 'The Knack', 'Young Winston', 'The Stud', 'The Great Rock And Roll Swindle' and 'Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter'. Not to forget the Children's Film Foundation classic, 'Sammy's Super T-Shirt'. TV credits are exemplary; 'Sweeney', 'The Saint', 'Doctor Who', The New Avengers' and the rest.

A typical 'Carry On' moment: Bringing comic relief to this scene featuring a powerfully erotic performance by the late Terry Scott.  

Julian Holloway - imdb profile

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