Wednesday 18 April 2012

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome

Just a short word of explanation as to what this is and why it is taking up valuable time, bytes and electricity; yours and mine.

In April 2010 I chanced upon the surprising information that Damaris Hayman was still alive and well. A little-known and little-appreciated character actress, familiar from many TV programmes and films of my youth (I was born in 1965), but her face was as instantly familiar to me as that of many of my relatives and friends.

I felt a pang of guilt that I hadn't actually known her name or had any idea that she was still around.

So I posted a very tiny appreciation of her and her work on my Facebook page. Other people seemed to share my feeling that she needed acknowledgment, and I carried on posting these mini tributes to other 'familiar unknown' character actors who are 'still with us'. At one point, The Guardian became interested enough to ask me for a few examples for their website. See it here.

I'm going to re-post them up here and carry on in the same vein. Perhaps mixing in some other observations of my own on various matters and happenings.


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  1. Just discovered this. Thank you, I am working my way through.