Friday 20 April 2012

Ron Pember

Ron Pember: 

† Apr 11 1934 – Mar 8 2022

Well known for 'Secret Army', also films like 'Death Line' (1973) and 'Poor Cow' (1967), and hundreds of weasely villains, petty officials and chirpy tradesmen in classic British TV from 'The Avengers' and 'Department S' to 'Minder', 'UFO' and 'The Two Ronnies'. He also directed Shakespeare at the Mermaid Theatre with Bernard Miles. At the time of writing this, in 2012, he is long retired through ill health with his last imdb entry from 1992.

Ron Pember

With George Innes in 'The Avengers'

Ron Pember - imdb profile

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  1. Great character actor. Underestimated part of filming furnitur.