Wednesday 25 April 2012

Tony Haygarth

Tony Haygarth: 

† Feb 4th 1945 – Mar 10th 2017

Stolid-looking character actor who seems to bring unusual depth and oddness to the parts he plays. Despite appearing in dull fare like 'Emmerdale' and 'Casualty', he's also played a Nazi, a Roman slave, a prison warder (in 'McVicar'), and any number of coppers and shady businessmen. Films include 'A Private Function', 'Unman Wittering and Zigo', 'Clockwise' and 'Britannia Hospital'. 

As the milkman in 'Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?'

With Paul Greengrass in Roy Clarke's 'Rosie' 

For many, he'll always be the endearingly bone-idle PC Wilmot from the inoffensive police comedy 'Rosie', but might also be remembered for the utterly baffling, Nigel Kneale-written, sci-fi sitcom 'Kinvig', in which he starred. 

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  1. We should surely mention 'Where the Heart Is', for which he starred in sixty-six episodes.