Monday 23 April 2012

Petra Markham

Petra Markham: 

Strangely goggly and doll-like actress who played Mikki in 'Ace Of Wands' on ITV in the early '70s, after an early appearance in 'Dr Who'. Her best-known big screen role is as Doreen in 'Get Carter' (1971), but she has continued to show up on TV in the likes of 'Follyfoot', 'Bergerac', 'The Bill' of course, 'Angels', and 'EastEnders'. Interesting footnotes include 'Curry & Chips' and 'Ripping Yarns'. From a theatrical family, her brothers-in-law are/were Roger Lloyd-Pack and the late Corin Redgrave.

With Michael Caine in 'Get Carter' (1971)

As Eric's girlfriend Enid Bag, in the Ripping Yarns
episode 'The Testing of Eric Olthwaite'  

Petra Markham - imdb profile

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