Friday, 27 April 2012

Richard O'Sullivan

Richard O'Sullivan: 

The fun-loving, trendy face of the 1970s sitcom, well-known from 'Man About The House', 'Robin's Nest', and 'Doctor At Large', he was also a child actor in 'Cleopatra' opposite Elizabeth Taylor, and appeared in 'The Young Ones' (1961) and 'Carry On Teacher'. He's a bit of a household name compared to some actors I've been saluting, but he has fallen on hard times following a serious stroke and now lives in showbiz sheltered housing in south west London. If you're old enough, he's probably a part of your life, and I wish him well.

An early role, in 'Dandy in Aspic' (1967)
A bit bedraggled, but sitting in a Bentley with a nude  Gabrielle Drake
in the Val Guest sex comedy 'The Au Pair Girls' (1972). Can't be bad. 
In the '80s sitcom 'Me and My Girl'


Richard O'Sullivan - imdb profile

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  1. I think he lives at Brinsworth House these days. Real pity how his health has become over the past 10 years or so.