Tuesday 29 May 2012

Adrienne Posta

Adrienne Posta:

One of the faces of 1967/68, Ms Posta exemplified the pert dollybird and swinging London comedy glamour-puss. She featured in some of the middling hits of the era; 'To Sir With Love' (1967), 'Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush' (1968),  'Up The Junction' (1968), and the late kitchen sink classic 'Spring And Port Wine' (1970). 
Looking for Robert Lindsay in 'Confessions of a Taxi Driver' (1976)

 By the '70s she was increasingly a victim of the trend towards dim-witted sex comedies that characterised British cinema in its most dismal phase: 'Percy's Progress' (1974), 'Carry On Behind' (1975), 'Adventures of A Taxi Driver' (1976), and playing Scrubba in 'Up Pompeii' (1971), for example. Small roles in some of the better TV of the period must have seemed a relief after these, and she was seen in nice TV Playhouse stuff like 'Bar Mitzvah Boy' in 1976 and 'The Cherry Orchard' in 1971. As she got older, roles followed suit with jaded glamour something of a speciality; see 'Minder', 'Budgie', 'The Gentle Touch', 'Boon', etc. Often on panel games and turned up in variety shows too. Quite an all-rounder.

A taste of 'All The Way Up' (1970), with Warren Mitchell and a very mod Kenneth Cranham:  here 

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  1. My best pal Stan and I loved Adrienne as the dim dolly bird in the chip shop in 'Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush' !