Tuesday 8 May 2012

Valerie Leon

Valerie Leon: 

Glamorous, sultry and well-spoken actress, probably still best-known as the Hai Karate aftershave girl even after 40 years. She was in a few decent films, including two Bond movies, as well as cult classics 'Smashing Time' and 'The Rise & Rise Of Michael Rimmer', but was often just cast for her cleavage, as in several 'Carry On' films and some dire farces. 

Played the reincarnated Egyptian queen in 'Blood From the Mummy's Tomb' but never quite made it as a leading lady. An icon of her era, nevertheless.

Motoring bonus:

Presumably her own Austin 1300GT, with personalised
plate, I'm guessing it's orange, as most were

Pretty certain this is Valerie Leon at the Motor Show,
or at least a motor show.

And here's a gratuitous treat for, er, Ronnie Corbett fans. 

Valerie Leon -imdb profile

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  1. Always one of my faves. Here's my appreciation: