Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Milton Johns

Milton Johns: 

The king of snide. The emperor of unctuous. He's the perfect casting for a mean-minded official, sinister headteacher, devious accountant or oily undertaker. It's always a pleasure to see him pop up on TV in 'Minder', 'Budgie', 'Doctor Who' or 'Tucker's Luck'. Or the odd period drama, from 'Poldark' and 'A Horseman Riding By' to 'War & Remembrance' (as Adolph Eichmann) and 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'. And let's not forget 'The Basil Brush Show', 'Coronation Street' and the popular kids' space movie 'The Empire Strikes Back' (1980).

Milton Johns - imdb profile


  1. It's UNCTUOUS, mate. Milton also contributed an advice for thesps column to THE STAGE in the 1990s.