Tuesday 8 May 2012

Royce Mills

Royce Mills: 

May 12 1942 - May 21 2019

Affable middle-class buffoon type, with a rather needy grin – perhaps best known as the hopeless swain Nausius/Knotweed in the Frankie Howerd romps 'Up Pompeii'/'Up The Chastity Belt'.

'Up The Chastity Belt' (1972)

I thought he was fairly well-known, but his TV work has mostly been in 'Mike Yarwood', 'Kelly Monteith', 'Never The Twain' territory. He did a number of Dalek voices for 'Dr Who', though, and a stirling job as Arthur Daley's accountant Andrew in a few episodes of 'Minder'. Nowadays, he's a bedroom farce specialist on the home counties theatre circuit. Not too shoddy.

Royce Mills - imdb profile

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