Tuesday 8 May 2012

Roy Holder

Roy Holder: 

† Jun 15 1946 – Nov 9 2021

Chunky, cheeky-faced chap who began as a child actor in 'Whistle Down The Wind' (1961) and various schoolboy adventures in the early '60s and peaked at the height of cult TV. He was Chas in 'Ace Of Wands', clad in the same sort of unlikely trendy gear he wore in the movie of 'Loot' (1970) or the much-loved absurd biker-horror 'Psychomania' (1973). 

With Hywel Bennett in the film version of Joe Orton's 'Loot' (1970)

As Chas in the mystical adventure
series, 'Ace Of Wands'

A steady stream of roles over the next three decades included 'Z Cars', 'Dr Who' (Peter Davison's swansong - 'The Caves Of Androzani' in 1984), and as Timothy Lumsden's only mate, Frank, in the Ronnie Corbett vehicle, 'Sorry'. Solid stuff.

Poster for 'Psychomania' (1973)

In the Ronnie Corbett BBC sitcom 'Sorry!'

Roy Holder - imdb profile

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