Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Graham Stark

Graham Stark: 

† Jan 20 1922 – Oct 29 2013

Real character actor royalty, Mr Stark has brightened hundreds of British comedies, particularly those involving his good friends Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan. His resumé is extensive - well over a hundred entries on imdb - but some highlights include the 'Pink Panther' films, 'Alfie', 'The Wrong Box', 'The Plank' and 'Le Petomane'. Surprising lowpoints are 'Boon', 'Hi-De-Hi' and 'Let's Get Laid'. Almost a star.

Here's an obscure little treat: 'Simon Simon'

Graham Stark - imdb profile

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  1. Very saddened to hear that Graham Stark has died. At the end of the blog entry above, I said he was 'almost a star', thinking more about the way that theatrical bills always save the biggest poster-space for the leading man, but in terms of public affection, he's right up there.