Saturday 12 May 2012

Richard Davies

Richard Davies:

† Jan 25 1926 – Oct 8 2015

Marvellous as the cynical Welsh foil to John Alderton's idealist teacher in the school sitcom 'Please Sir!', he has a long list of roles as seedy nobodies, minor officials, and Taffy stereotypes behind him. In the cinema, he appeared in 'Zulu' (1964) and a few uncredited comedy parts, but has really made his career in television. Notable among these are perhaps 'Fawlty Towers', 'Coronation Street, 'Robert's Robots', 'Dr Who', and the forgotten Jenny Agutter TV vehicle 'And The Beat Goes On'. Your go-to guy for anything Welsh, he was an obvious choice for roles in 'Taff Acre', 'The Citadel', and Burton's 'Under Milk Wood'. But it's always the staffroom at Fenn Street School for me. "I pity you, Hedges".

As Clive Jenkins in 'Not The Nine O'clock News'

Richard Davies - imdb profile

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