Tuesday 8 May 2012

James Warrior

James Warrior

The perennial worried Welshman in a brown suit, his first roles included harrassed coppers in 'Budgie' and 'The Sweeney', but he has played town councillors, reporters, landlords, con-men, miners and cab drivers with some of the quirky elan of Gorden Kaye, if not quite Roy Kinnear. 

In the BBC play 'The Comedians'

As Mr Babbacombe in 'The Fall And
Rise Of Reginald Perrin'

I liked him as Mr Meredith ("it's Me-RED-ith") in the unlamented comedy 'Glamour Girls'. After a few years brewing real ale in Cornwall, he's more recently been focusing on voiceover acting work.

The slightly uncouth DC Jellyneck in 'The Sweeney' 

As James Berry the hangman in 'Cribb'

James Warrior - imdb profile

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