Tuesday 8 May 2012

Jon Glover

Jon Glover: 

Strong-featured actor, now most familiar as the brilliantined Mr Cholmondley-Warner in the Harry Enfield skits. He is a very successful voice performer, his well-modulated tones have been heard in 'Spitting Image' (as Prince Philip, Melvyn Bragg, PW Botha and many more), oddball kids' show 'Ludwig', 'The Staggering Stories Of Ferdinand De Bargos' and numerous computer games. He's also the go-to guy for old-school BBC announcer and newsreader parts. 

In Jimmy Cricket's forgettable sketch comedy
vehicle, 'And There's More'.  
On-screen roles have been limited to mostly 'Midsomer Murders', 'Casualty'-type fare and lots of sketch shows.

'Ahhh. Ludwig.'

Jon Glover - imdb profile


  1. Believe it or not - in the early 80's, Jon Glover used to be the face of internal promotional videos for Curry's (Britain's Electrical Specialists.) I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times when he was doing this work. A genuinely nice chap!

  2. Where did Jon Glover go to school