Thursday 24 May 2012

Linal Haft

Linal Haft: 

Tough-looking, bullet headed Jewish actor, who has cornered a certain market in ruthless spivs, tycoons, gangsters and lawyers, which probably says more about typecasting in British drama than it does about his acting range. A more domestic persona was seen in the popular series of BT adverts he did with Maureen Lipman. His best big-screen role was probably as Vic in 'Soft Fruit' (1999), but he was also seen in 'Moulin Rouge!' (2001) and the Billy Connolly comedy 'The Man Who Sued God' (2001). In classic character actor style, though, he has been a stalwart of British television, racking up appearances in 'Minder' (old and new series), 'EastEnders', 'First Among Equals', 'The Sweeney' and several roles in 'The Bill'. I liked him in the Marks & Gran comedy/drama 'Shine On Harvey Moon' where he appeared as the charmingly sleazy black-marketeer, Monty Fish.      

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