Saturday 12 May 2012

Peter Cellier

Peter Cellier: 

Another actor specialising in patrician roles, particularly judges, politicians and high-ranking civil servants - and perhaps the odd supercilious head waiter or shifty ex-officer. He has rarely been out of work since the early '60s, with roles in films including 'Barry Lyndon' (1975), 'Young Winston' (1972), 'Morgan - A Suitable Case For Treatment' (1966), 'Jabberwocky' (1977), 'Personal Services' (1987) and 'The Remains Of The Day' (1993). His TV CV is extensive and stretches from 'Randall & Hopkirk' to 'Yes, Minister' and from 'Rumpole' to 'Jackanory'. 

A giant in his field, but few could put a name to the face.

Peter Cellier - imdb profile

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